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Softaire® Diffusers Ceiling Air Diffusers Gallery

Softaire® Diffusers offers four models to accommodate any existing ceiling register. They are easily installed and used for a variety of business, office, medical facility applications.

Health Related Industries

Health Related Industries

This health services provider installed our Softaire ceiling air diffusers to keep their dialysis patients comfortable. They chose our new Square cover version to coordinate with their facility fixtures.

Metro Hospital





Grand Rapids Hospital reports Comfortable Patients and Energy Savings

"After we installed the Softaire air diffusers, the treatment area became much more comfortable. Our cancer patients are very sensitive to temperature and air movement. Softaire made a huge improvement. Additionally we also discovered a savings on laundry. You see we provide blankets for the patients. With the improved comfort, we aren't doing as much laundry as before. We will be ordering more Softaire for other locations."